Centric Health and Safety Training is dedicated to providing a personable and pleasurable learning experience to each and every student that we teach.  We are committed to excellence and confident that we will leave students with the skills necessary to provide quality first aid and CPR at any time that it is needed.  Our goal is to create a positive, laid-back learning environment that is tailored to allow our students to efficiently and effectively acquire the skills of first aid and CPR.


"I have heard a lot of people say that the people who work on the ambulance 'save lives'.  In the ten years I have worked EMS as a Primary Care Paramedic, I have come to learn one thing.  A majority of the lives that people think that we have saved, are in fact due to the quick thinking of the public that provided first aid or CPR before we got there.   Every emergency situation that may require 911 or emergency services, often begins with the need for first aid.  Quality first aid and CPR is what truly saves lives."

- Joey Manson - Owner/Head Instructor

Centric Health and Safety Training Services


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